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Dental Treats

Pet Logic Dental Brush Bones 15g X15 CHICKEN (Pouch) Dog Treats

Pet Logic Dental Brush Bones 15g X15 CHICKEN (Pouch) Dog Treats

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Pet Logic Dental Brush Bones 15gx15

-Removes Tartar Build Up and Plaque
-Great for maintenance of dental health of your fur babies!
-Dental bone chews that make teeth brilliant white and healthy.
-Formulated to give nutritional needs of your pet.
-Made with high quality ingredients
-Easily absorbed and digested.
-Suitable for daily feeding and training.
-ISO certified / FDA registered Dog Chews

No additives!
No pigment!
No preservative!

1. Fresh Breath- Reduces DENTAL TARTAR that can cause bad breath and bad smell on teeth
2. Reduce Bacteria that causes Inflammation, Bleeding and Tooth Loss
3. Delicious Taste- Pets loves this Dental Bone taste that makes it easy to
maintain dental health of your pets.
4. Easy Grasp Shape- Amazing shape that makes it easy for pets to chew on.

Milk / Chicken / Beef / Pork / Mix

Puppy 1-5kg : 5-13g/day
Small Breed 5-10kg : 13-26g/day
Medium Breed 10-25kg : 26-39g/day
Large Breed more than 25kg: 39-78g/day

Store in room temperature. Avoid storing in damp places.

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